Kurtz: Banning TikTok on Government Devices Is ‘a Fig Leaf’ and Biden Is ‘Slow-Walking’ on a Solution

On Monday’s broadcast of “Fox News Live,” FNC host Howard Kurtz stated that the provision in the omnibus banning TikTok on government devices is “a fig leaf to make it seem like the government is doing something,” because government employees can still use TikTok on their personal devices and the Biden administration is dragging its feet on a solution to the app.

Kurtz stated, “[L]et’s face it, this business about barring it from government devices is just kind of a fig leaf to make it seem like the government is doing something, because any government official can go home and use his or her personal iPhone to get TikTok. But they couldn’t get it through and so they settled for this other opportunity. Now, the reason this is so difficult is that TikTok is insanely popular in this country. And so, when it comes to this talk about well, maybe it’s going to be completely and totally banned, I think I would exercise some caution. The Biden administration is slow-walking a solution.”

He added, “If the Biden administration were to ban it, there would be blowback. There would be blame. It would be an unpopular move. That’s why, I think, the administration is searching for some kind of compromise. It may not be possible, but I’m a little skeptical that, as much of a national security threat as this might be, that TikTok is just going to be outright banned. There would lawsuits and we’ll have to see whether the two parties can come together, how serious they regard this threat as being.”

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