MSNBC Guest: ‘Disgusting’ Abbott Busing Migrants – ‘Playing Politics with Human Lives’

NBC Think contributor and political commentator Ashley Pratte Oates said Monday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) is “disgusting” for bussing migrants to the vice president’s home in Washington, D.C. on Christmas Eve.

Since April, Abbott has been busing migrants from Texas to Democratic-controlled cities.

Pratte Oates said, “Well, seems like playing politics with human lives is the entrance fee for running for president on the Republican ticket in 2024. That’s the sad state of Republican politics right now.”

She continued, “While Republicans would love to say they’re pro-life, they only care about children and families when it comes to babies that are in the womb. When they are outside of the womb look at what happens they’re anti-Obamacare, they are anti-welfare, they are anti-humanitarian aid in these situations. This is a huge problem, but yet Republicans, again, continue to see this as the entry fee to the GOP ticket in 2024. Having a hard stance on immigration is that platform for them. To me Christmas Eve bussing three busloads of migrants to the vice president’s house is shameful, disgusting and should be called out for what it is. But instead they are, you know, as pointed out earlier, the RNC is putting out statements about the border numbers rather than calling this the shameful, political play that it was. So I’m quite disgusted by it.”

Pratte Oates added, “Republicans would be first to tell you that they don’t believe in COVID being a thing any more so why is Title 42 still around? This needs to be something that is addressed and it’s not Republican it’s not Democrat. These are human lives that are at stake here.”

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