Kinzinger: Speaker Chaos Could Cause ‘Coalition Government’ with Dems

CNN contributor Adam Kinzinger said Thursday on “Anderson Cooper 360” that Republicans and Democrats in the House could create a “coalition” government” to end the ongoing failed Speaker bids of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Kinzinger said, “I think what we’re seeing in some of these, we don’t even know what a lot of these rule changes are, but for instance, one person to vacate the chair, it’s going to create chaos.”

He continued, “The average Republican member of Congress is going to be worried about what’s being given up. They’re going to realize that, at this point, you’re really picking a person over the health of the party and, by extension, the health of the country, and you start floating alternative names. Once alternative names start to get floated by the regular members of Congress, for lack of a better term, I think Kevin is done at that point.”

Kinzinger added, “There is still a possibility, especially as this drags on, that you end up coming to this idea of a consensus candidate, an acceptable Republican to Democrats. The big question – can you get somebody like AOC to vote for a Republican? That’s not for me to answer. I think it would be tough for them. And enough Republicans like we’ve seen in some of these state Houses, let’s have a kind of coalition government. I actually think in the long run that would be good for healing the institution of the House.”

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