Rubio: We’re Being Told to Ignore the FBI on COVID Origins by Those Who Demand We Believe Them when They Target Right

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) reacted to FBI Director Christopher Wray saying that the bureau has assessed that a lab leak is the most likely origin of the coronavirus by stating that those who insist that everyone listen to the FBI “when they do anything that targets someone that is on the right of center” are now disregarding their conclusions on the origins of COVID.

Rubio said, “Well, a couple of things are interesting: The first is, all the same people who tell us we have to listen to the FBI when they were talking about Russia interfering in our elections and helping Trump, when they raid a property, when they do anything that targets someone that is on the right of center, those are same people that are now saying, oh, no, this is — don’t pay attention to them when it comes to the Wuhan lab. Look, this is all going to be circumstantial. It’s doubtful we’ll ever have a smoking gun, because frankly, China’s a closed society. They’re not going to put that stuff out there. But all the circumstantial evidence — and there is a mountain of it — all point[s] to some accident at that lab. My theory, based on the information that’s out there, and I share the assessment of the FBI Director — which has been their position for a long time by the way — is, they were messing around with viruses, trying to predict how that virus could become infectious in humans so they could come up with a vaccine, someone messing around with it got infected — that lab has a long history of all kinds of problems — that person got infected, they went out, they infected more people. And there’s a mountain of circumstantial evidence, from people getting infected well before the date that China acknowledges, to the way they handled it afterwards.”

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