MSNBC’s Mitchell Suggests Australian-Style ‘Buyback’ in Wake of Louisville Shooting

Although all the details are still emerging from a shooting that left four dead in Louisville, KY earlier in the day, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell is speculating about a what-if scenario and what could be done if the alleged assailant was using a so-called assault rifle.

Mitchell suggested that “if” the Louisville incident turned out to be the result of using an assault rifle, how much damage may have been done to the victim’s bodies.

“Ken, not to be too graphic, but if it does turn out to be that kind of weapon, the damage to your bodily organs, as we’ve seen with — with children, with people unidentifiable, it’s meant for war. It’s not meant for hunting, and it’s not meant for, you know — I mean, not that anything is for this kind of violence, but the damage is just horrific. And that’s why we see so many deaths and critical — people critically injured.”

MSNBC correspondent Ken Dilanian concurred with Mitchell’s assessment and noted many of these weapons on the street.

“[U]nless you do something like the buyback like they did in Australia,” Mitchell replied.

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