McCarthy: China’s Economy Is the Only One Growing Under Biden

Friday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) criticized the Biden administration for its so-called green energy policy, which he said benefits China.

According to the California Republican, Biden’s policies are leading to Chinese economic growth while the U.S. economy languishes.

“It’s even worse than that because what the president has done has grown the economy of China,” McCarthy said. “He’s made us more dependent on China. The president also did an executive order to allow China to take their solar panels, send them to another country into America to dump on America their solar panels, which he’s making taxpayers give you incentive to buy and pay for. China’s the only economy growing behind this.”

“We will repeal this extreme Green New Deal,” he added. “Goldman Sachs actually says that this is going to cost – the plan that the Democrats passed — three times as much money as proposed beforehand. We need to repeal that to save American jobs, make us less dependent on China and, most importantly, curve inflation that they created.”

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