MSNBC: ‘Locked Door’ and Strong Security Procedures Foiled Memphis School Shooting

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Katy Tur Reports,” guest host Ana Cabrera and NBC News Correspondent Guad Venegas discussed the foiled attempted mass shooting at a Hebrew school in Memphis on Monday and noted that strong school safety procedures, including safety procedures with the door, stopped a would-be mass shooting.

Cabrera said, “Memphis police are calling it an unbelievably close call, a potential mass shooting in Memphis stopped only by a locked door. The suspect is now in critical condition after he was shot by police following a citywide manhunt. Police say he tried to force his way inside a Hebrew school and opened fire when he couldn’t get inside.”

Venegas added that “we know that he arrived at the school, and, as you mentioned, there was a safety procedure in place that kept the suspect from entering the campus. He then got in his pickup truck and drove away. The information that the school shared with authorities was essential for them to locate him minutes away from the school, where he was confronted by a police officer who then shot him, indicating that the suspect got out of his vehicle with a gun.”

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