Khanna: Newsom Should Have Been Tougher on China when He Visited

On Friday’s broadcast of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) said that California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) should have taken a different approach during his visit to China, and the first three discussions in any meeting with Xi Jinping should be their human rights abuses, ending the trade deficit with China and getting our jobs back, and pushing back on their aggression towards Taiwan.

Co-host Joe Kernen asked, “[T]hey looked like they really liked each other. I don’t know what exactly they were talking about, but we know about China and the relationship that Xi has with Putin. Were there political overtones to why Gavin Newsom was over there glad-handing with President Xi? … Does that look good to anyone, Ro?”

Khanna answered, “I have no problem with him going there. I would have taken a different tone. Let me just say, first, that the most substantive bipartisan work that’s taking place anywhere in Congress is on the China Select Committee, and that has a lot to do with Rep. Mike Gallagher’s (R-WI) leadership. But here was my challenge, go meet with Xi Jinping, but the first three things should be what’s happening with the Uyghurs and the human rights crisis? What is happening with our trade deficit? Why do you have a trade deficit, not just with the United States — a trade surplus, but with India, Japan, South Korea? That’s got to stop. We want our jobs back. What are you doing in terms of ratcheting up the tension on Taiwan? And let’s be very clear, you’re not going to have any support and you’re going to have huge deterrence and opposition if you make any move on Taiwan. Those needed to be the conversations.”

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