Cheney: Trump’s Depravity of Watching January 6 for Hours Proves Criminal ‘Intent’

Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump’s “depravity” of watching the violence of January 6 and not tell people to leave proves his criminal “intent” in the legal cases against him.

Wallace said, “It seemed part of the work of the committee was to prove that the violence was the obstruction of the official proceeding and that was premeditated, that opposing the results of the election.”

Cheney said, “He knew what he was saying to be untrue. That was all part of this much broader plan that involved the pressure on the state legislators and pressure on the vice president on the Justice Department. This was a story that wasn’t developed by Democrats. We heard this evidence from Republicans. So the Republicans who were leading his campaign, his White House counsel, his acting attorney general, the most senior people around him told him you have lost, and the claims are making are false.”

She continued, “One of the things we also pointed out was the extent to which he knew of the potential for violence on January 6. The certainly knew enough, as did some people around him in the White House, to cancel that rally. He knew there were weapons in the crowd, yet he told them to march on the Capitol.”

Cheney added, “Then he sat for over three hours and refused tell them to leave. There’s no question about his intent. There’s also no question about the level of depravity, just from a human standpoint, of someone who would sit and watch that violence on TV and not tell people to leave.”

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