Biden Adviser, Dem Rep. Garcia: Biden’s Not Afraid of Super Bowl Interview, He ‘Does Plenty of Interviews’, Did a Presser

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Biden 2024 Advisory Board member Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) said that President Joe Biden isn’t scared of doing the Super Bowl interview with CBS that he’s refusing to do, has “a busy schedule,” “did a primetime press conference” the night before, and “does plenty of interviews. He will continue to do so all across the country.”

Host Jake Tapper asked, “So, do you think of President Biden, if he is as impressive behind the scenes as you say he is — and I’ve talked to him in off-the-record settings with reporters, and I think he’s aged since I started covering him in the year 2000. But I understand what you’re saying, he is not the way that he is caricatured on Fox, for example, but he certainly has shown his age — he certainly shows his age in some instances. Do you think he needs to be out there more so people see him? For instance, he’s not doing the traditional Super Bowl interview with the network that’s hosting the Super Bowl, which this year is CBS. I understand not doing it last year with Fox. This year, it’s CBS, and he’s not doing that. That sends a signal to people, what is he afraid of when it comes to doing that interview?”

Garcia responded, “He’s not afraid of anything. First, the President’s got a busy schedule, who cares if he’s not doing the Super Bowl interview? He just, yesterday, did a primetime press conference, he spoke to House Democrats during the day, he’s traveling the country, he’s working on legislation. We’ve got multiple international conflicts across the globe. And so, this idea that people are obsessed with if he’s doing the Super Bowl interview or not, he does plenty of interviews. He will continue to do so all across the country. And he’s an active, busy, bright person. And I think that’s the important thing. And I think it’s important to look at actually the accomplishments and the results of the Biden-Harris administration, which are plenty. And so, that’s really the focus. I don’t think it’s our job to schedule the President or to figure out what he’s going to do or not do. And I’m glad that he’s been completely dismissed of any charges, the report makes that clear. It’s time to move forward.”

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