MSNBC’s Maddow: Trump ‘Seemed Old and Tired and Mad’ in Court

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said Monday on “Chris Jansing Reports” that it was striking to see former President Donald Trump seemed “old and tired and mad” in the “dingy” Manhattan courtroom.

C0-host Andrea Mitchell said, “Let us bring in someone who actually saw Donald Trump in the courtroom, Rachel Maddow. One of few people inside the courtroom today. Rachel, fill in the gaps. What was it like?”

Maddow said,”First of all, thanks for having me and thanks to everybody at NBC who made it possible for me to get into the courtroom today. I realize it’s a hot ticket and it’s privilege to cover something this historic. I will say just in terms of the vibe in the room, what you have heard about it being kind of a dingy courtroom is real. It’s not necessarily important in terms of the way the wheels of justice grind but it is striking to see the former president, somebody who has tried to embody the luxury brand sitting in a room that essentially feels like a high ceiling DMV office. Lots and lots of police presence, very intense atmosphere, very sober atmosphere.”

She added, “I’ve seen him in person in my life a few times. I would say seeing him go up and down the aisle, seeing him walk past me in the aisle several times including a recess, I would say he seems thinner than I’ve seen him in the past. He seems considerably older and he seems annoyed, resigned, maybe angry. He seems like a man who is miserable to be here. I’m no body language expert. This is just my observation. He seemed old and tired and mad.”

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