Cassidy Hutchinson: Trump Loyalists Are Becoming ‘Bodies Around Him’

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Source” that it was really sad that people who are loyal to former President Donald Trump end up as “bodies around him” while discussing  Arizona indicting 17 individuals including her former boss in an election case.

Host Kaitlin Collins said, “It must feel really surreal to to see him get indicted a second time.”

Hutchinson said, “It is really sad. I was really close with Mark. I really believed in Mark as a principle that is why I chose to take job with the chief of staff. So it’s difficult to see him in this position.”

She continued, “I think on the greater scale too if we look at how Mr. Trump has conducted himself through his business career and also his political career. I almost relate it to bodies around him, but he takes out everybody who is loyal to him because it’s all about his personal gain and what he can gain from those people.”

Hutchinson added, “Donald Trump is inherently about himself. That’s why America is in the position that it is today because he did not want to give up the presidency and now running again and he’s been indicted in multiple jurisdictions.”

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