GOP Rep. Mast Says Federal Money Used to Fund On-Campus Anti-Israel Movement

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) explained how federal taxpayer dollars are being funneled through innocuous-sounding organizations to fund the anti-Israeli sentiment on college campuses.

According to the Florida congressman, federal grant money is doled out to the organizations that fund subgrantees that bolster an anti-Israel on campuses.

“What are you looking for?” fill-in host Sean Duffy asked. “Do you have some insight that the federal government is partnering with the organizations that are funding these anti-Israel protests?”

“So there’s a really important thing to understand here,” Mast replied. “The State Department and other government agencies, yes, they get — you’re well aware of this, but a lot of people aren’t. They give grants out to agencies. You — they have creative names. They’re in Washington, D.C., or other countries, Humanist International or Group for the Good of Peace here. And then those agencies give out subgrants to a whole bunch of other entities that go out there and do things that, most of the time, the United States government has no idea about.”

“And that’s where you get those dollars coming from the U.S. government, going down to some entity and then to some other subgrantee that’s getting dollars to fund unrest on a college campus or make sure that they help individuals that don’t support Israel get better applications to go to the schools that they want to go to, all while the admissions boards and the board of governors and the tenured professors are looking for those type of individuals,” he continued. “That’s how that circle goes around in getting the dollars from the taxpayer to the unrest.”

“So, your point is, our federal tax dollars are going to fund the radicalism on these college campuses,” Duffy replied. “And that’s what you’re exploring in this — in this request?”

“Not just going there, but, unfortunately, you have a federal government that, in instance after instance, doesn’t even take the time to track where your money is going,” Mast said. “We were just doing this a couple days ago with Secretary of State Antony Blinken pointing out the fact that money that he had no idea about was going directly to the Taliban. He tried to deny it, but a special investigative report showed by the government — a report by the government showed, yes, it is going directly to the Taliban. He didn’t know about it.”

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