Bowman: ‘We Need a Free Palestine So Hamas Then Ceases to Need to Exist’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN NewsNight,” Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) said that Hamas can’t be eliminated and the idea they’re built on can’t be killed off and “We need a free Palestine so Hamas then ceases to need to exist.”

Bowman began by saying, “We condemn the attacks of October 7, but we also condemn everything that has happened since October 7.”

Later, he added, “I know Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir, and others, they want to wipe out the Palestinians. They want them to either leave or they will kill them. I know that’s what they want. And it’s horrible and horrific and evil to think that they will stay in this war and this conflict through the end of the year, to do what? How many people in Hamas have you killed? And have you killed the idea that Hamas is built upon? If we don’t make overtures and do real work with policy and resources towards peace and a free Palestine, there’s going to be another Hamas being nurtured during this time. You can’t kill them off, you can’t kill the idea. We need a free Palestine so Hamas then ceases to need to exist. That’s what we need.”

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