Video: Protesters Allegedly Get Shipment of Bats Prior to Brooklyn Bridge Altercation

Protesters reportedly got a shipment of bats before anti-police activists clashed with officers on the Brooklyn Bridge Wednesday.

A car parked near City Hall made the delivery, and one man was seen retrieving six bats from the trunk, according to surveillance footage provided to the New York Post.

“Police sources said the bats were delivered so the anti-cop activists could confront a ‘unity’ rally proceeding over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan,” the outlet noted, adding that clergy, law enforcement, and community activists attended the unity rally.

It was unclear whether the City Hall protesters used the bats during the altercation with the opposing protesters; however, at least one was recovered following the incident, police sources told the Post.

Several New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were attacked and injured during the confrontation, according to the Associated Press (AP).

“At least four officers were hurt, including Chief of Department Terence Monahan, and 37 people were arrested, police said. Information on charges was not immediately available,” the report noted.

Video footage posted by the department’s official news account appeared to show one person hitting an officer with a long object:

Later, the department shared photos of the injured officers:

Tuesday, Monahan said during an interview that there was “a feeling on the street that the police are handcuffed,” and “are fearful that they may be arrested if they take some proactive-type enforcement,” according to Breitbart News.

He continued:

[T]here’s a lot of different factors into it. We’ve mentioned bail reform and COVID releases, but just as importantly, if not more importantly, is the animosity towards the police that was generated after the Floyd protests. The new law that was passed by the city council has cops hesitant. They are fearful that they may be arrested if they take some proactive-type enforcement.

“The disbanding of anti-Crime, obviously, has a huge effect. Those are our best cops out on the street, grabbing guns. So, there’s a feeling that it’s safe to carry a gun on the street,” Monahan concluded.


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