‘They Are Hurting Business’: NYC Block Becomes Illegal Migrant Shopping Area for Stolen Goods, Prostitution

People, mostly newly arrived migrants, receive an afternoon meal from Trinity Services and
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A section of New York City is now an illegal migrant shopping area and business owners are not happy about the situation.

The scene that has been playing out in Jackson Heights on Roosevelt Avenue near 91st Street features migrant vendors selling items obtained from shopkeepers in the area and also prostitution, the New York Post reported Sunday.

Manager of the local Mi Farmacia pharmacy, Milton Reyes, said, “It’s relentless. You should see it on Saturdays. It’s so heavy you can’t even step onto the sidewalk. There are a lot of doctor’s offices right around here and my customers don’t even want to get dropped off.”

He explained the law enforcement picks up a few of the offenders, however, when the officers leave the vendors return.

Images show the goods laid out on the sidewalk and several women standing in a group:

Social media users shared their thoughts on the Post article, one individual writing, “NY voted for it. They are now receiving it.”

“NYC block looks like a democrats heaven,” another person commented.

In March, sellers were hawking black market fake green cards and social security identification to illegal migrants in Queens, according to a report.

Per Breitbart News:

Roy Fenoff, an associate professor at the Department of Criminal Justice at the Citadel, South Carolina, said the documents grant migrants access to almost everything a citizen has.

“Once people have these fake cards, they can work, they can travel, they can access a lot of aspects and services in the United States,” he said. “There are people getting these cards that are not here just to get a job, that they have other intentions, and this helps them carry out criminal activity.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) promised in February to slash funding to people who cross the border and illegal aliens as his approval rating dipped, Breitbart News reported.

“In November 2023, Adams authorized city-wide budget cuts where New Yorkers would have public services eliminated to afford waves of illegal immigration to the sanctuary city. The move came as fewer than 3-in-10 New Yorkers said they approved of Adams — a record low for a mayor in New York City,” the outlet said.

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According to the recent Post article, prostitutes have joined shoplifting migrants who target local shops and then sell the goods for significantly less money near those stores, according to retailers in the area.

Francisco O’Porta is a security guard at “Lot-Less” who told the outlet the sellers have been training others.

“They have lookouts, you know, people to yell so they can pick up and leave when police come. I am catching a lot, a lot of them stealing. I caught 20 people last week. Twenty in one week. They are hurting business,” he added.


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