Catholic League: Critical Race Theory Is ‘Inherently Racist’

A Catholic procession begins a special 'Mass on the Border' along the U.S.-Mexico border fence on April 1, 2014 in Nogales, Arizona. Catholic bishops led by the Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley held the mass to pray for comprehensive immigration reform and for those who have died along the …
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Catholic League President Bill Donohue warned Thursday that left-wing politicians are trying to falsely tar the United States as a deeply racist nation while themselves promoting racist programs.

Critical race theory, promoted by many on the left, “is an inherently racist prescription,” Dr. Donohue notes, because “it judges people on the basis of their skin color, not their individual traits.”

While any person of goodwill should oppose true racism, Donohue observes, critical race theory “is a textbook example of promoting racism in the name of fighting it.”

Today, “there is no shortage of educators, reporters, activists, and lawmakers who claim to oppose racism while harboring an agenda that sometimes promotes it,” he states.

Despite race relations objectively improving, there are those who have a vested interest in stoking “the perception that we are a racist nation,” a notion that is now “widespread,” Donohue contends.

He notes that Senator Tim Scott, an African American, was pilloried for daring to say that “America is not a racist country,” Donohue continues, while President Biden made the claim that “white supremacists” constitute the “most lethal terrorist threat.”

Lies about systemic racism are purveyed by dishonest groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Donohue asserts, “a left-wing activist organization that claims to monitor such offenses.”

“SPLC has racism on the brain,” he adds, noting the group’s 2020 report that laments the fact “the majority of Americans thought that Black Lives Matter (BLM) violence in 2020 was a bigger problem than police violence against blacks.”

“Real racism and extremism, as the Catholic Church understands it, must be opposed and defeated,” Donohue concludes. “It does not help this noble cause when prominent Americans and non-profit organizations are bent on finding racism under every rock.”


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