The Roots as 'America's Band?' Why Trashing a Congresswoman Yields Kudos


Insulting a sitting congresswoman with a profane song is apparently the tipping point to being named America’s Band.

Grantland, a pop culture site created by affable sports guru Bill Simmons, has declared Jimmy Fallon’s house band America’s reigning musical champs.

Does that mean The Roots sell the most records, or are part of the biggest musical tour in recent memory?

Nope. Writer Patrice Evans is clearly a fan, and that’s fine. But who doesn’t suspect this isn’t just more fallout from the ban’s crass insult of GOP presidential contender Michele Bachmann last month?

Throw in Quest’s fluency with Twitterese, and generally avid use of social media (even breaking some Occupy Wall Street news), and add a pinch of their newfound political prankishness and you have a band that represents America in a way that runs deeper than sales and digital downloads.

Oh, never mind sales and other stuff that would indicate the country is heartily embracing the band. Instead, let’s inflate our personal affection for a musical act and add their FallonGate episode as the cherry on top.

Besides, a true American band wouldn’t treat a guest so shabbily.


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