Reminder #11,487 Hollywood Hates You

Reminder #11,487 Hollywood Hates You

There are left-wing actresses and then there’s Jane Fonda.

Fonda isn’t merely a left-wing actress or a liberal or even a Leftist; Fonda is a traitor to her country and one of the most morally illiterate, divisive and polarizing figures to ever come out of a womb, much less Hollywood.

Conservatives will stomach certain actors and actresses, even if that individual has gone out of their way to constantly insult who we are and what we believe in. Jane Fonda, however, is something lower than that. She doesn’t simply hurl insults at us, she’s given aid and comfort to those who were not only were fighting to enslave an entire population under communism, but were killing the American servicemen selflessly fighting to keep that population liberated. 

What I’ve written above is no secret to anyone, and that includes the director of “The Butler,” Lee Daniels, the man who made the decision to cast this wretched anti-American woman as a conservative icon. Worse still, a conservative icon who’s still very much alive.

Pardon my language, but this is nothing more than Lee Daniels and Hollywood’s way of looking out over at the 60% of America they hate and saying, “Fuck you.”

Daniels may be an insufferably pretentious man (have you seen “Precious?”), but he is not a stupid man and to cast Jane Fonda in this particular role has nothing to do with anything other than hating conservatives and wanting to stick his finger in our eye.

Moreover, he knows that All The Right People will love this decision, especially members of the Academy and those legions of critics who also hate conservatives. And what this means for his film is the opportunity for better reviews and awards than the finished product might otherwise deserve (see: Reagans, The).

And of course, what this casting decision will do for Daniels’ social standing in Hollywood is impossible to calculate. Just assume everything short of a ticker tape parade down Wilshire Boulevard on the shoulders of Sean Penn and Hugo Chavez.

We all know what this casting choice isn’t, though, and that’s a business decision. In one fell swoop, Daniels did the math and figured out that intentionally alienating more than half the customers was better for his career than not.

So while this might be reminder number 11,487 that Hollywood hates you, it’s reminder number 22,641 that Hollywood is driven by ideology, not profits.  


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