Lovitz Calls Out Obama's Class Warfare Rhetoric

Lovitz Calls Out Obama's Class Warfare Rhetoric

Here’s a tip for comedians looking for some free publicity – criticize the president.

Look what it’s doing for Jon Lovitz’s career.

The former “Saturday Night Live” standout recently blasted President Barack Obama’s stance on taxing the rich in a profanity-laced rant, and he hasn’t had this much press in ages.

Suddenly, his name is on people’s lips again, and he’s being interviewed and quoted across the old and new media.

Last night, Lovitz dropped by liberal interviewer Piers Morgan’s low-rated CNN show to expound on his Obama critiques.

“I believed in him, I agreed with everything he was saying when he ran for president, I was listening to what he said, I thought this guy thinks like me and I agree with him. And now he’s changing.””This whole idea of this 1 percent versus the 99 percent, it’s a false static,” said Lovitz, adding that Obama was “creating a false class warfare” with his policies and rhetoric.

The real story here is that it shouldn’t be newsworthy when a comedian trashes the president. It’s a dog bites man story, nothing to see here, move along.

Or, at least it used to be, before Obama took office and comedians across the country hid behind their microphones rather than target him with their barbs.


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