Ray Bradbury: Science Fiction Legend, Tea Party Patriot

Ray Bradbury: Science Fiction Legend, Tea Party Patriot

Don’t be fooled by Michael Moore riffing on the title of Ray Bradbury’s classic tale “Fahrenheit 451” to make that infamous anti-Bush documentary.

Bradbury, who passed away at the age of 91 last night, was a rock-ribbed conservative who embraced the Tea Party movement in recent years.

National Review’s John Fund says Bradbury wanted a smaller government and, like many fellow conservatives, started out as a liberal before seeing the light.

He once described President Clinton with a word that rhymes with “knithead.” As for President Obama, Mr. Bradbury was angered by the president’s curtailing the space program. “He should be announcing that we should go back to the moon,” he told the Times.

His attitude towards filmmaker Michael Moore was even less complimentary.

When in 2005, Moore appropriated the title of his seminal anti-censorship novel Fahrenheit 451 for his anti-Bush agitprop documentary Fahrenheit 9/1, Bradbury was furious that he hadn’t been asked for permission and also concerned that his book would be confused with the film. After fruitless attempts to contact Mr. Moore, the novelist went on television to demand: “Give me my title back!”

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