Sucker Punch Alert: 'The Campaign' Bashes Koch Brothers

Sucker Punch Alert: 'The Campaign' Bashes Koch Brothers

The new Will Ferrell-Zach Galifianakis comedy “The Campaign” isn’t out to smite the Right or the Left.

It has bigger targets in mind – the Citizens United case in general and the Koch brothers in particular.

The film’s attack on money in politics is no secret. The stars themselves have said as much during their promotional chats for the film. What isn’t depicted in the marketing push is how the movie assails David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch, recreated here as the Motch brothers (Dan Aykroyd and John Lithgow).

The duo practically twirl their imaginary moustaches in evil glee as they attempt … to take over … the country! It’s almost as if Hollywood didn’t pump millions into the political system itself courtesy of tony fundraisers and propaganda gussied up as media content.

We’re sure “The Campaign 2: Mo’ Money” will attack George Soros, the billionaire lefty who channels money to a variety of liberal causes like Media Matters for America.

Or is this really about progressives trying to clamp down their opponents’ ability to fight campaign fire with fire?


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