Rapper Shyne Ditches Obama for Romney

Rapper Shyne Ditches Obama for Romney

Add rapper Shyne to the small but growing list of celebrities giving up on Team Hope and Change.

The Jewish rapper says his frustration with President Barack Obama over Syria as well as his own personal deportation issues have him giving the Republican ticket his support.

… the former Bad Boy rapper took to social media to make a statement about the present administration’s foreign policy.

“How obama put the hit on kadafy but assad murdering tens of thousands of his own people in Syria & nobody doing nothing?”

The Romney/Ryan ticket won’t get much more than some goodwill from Shyne. The rapper was released from jail in 2009 after serving a 10-year sentence for his part in a 1999 shooting in New York but was deported back to his native Belize shortly thereafter.

He blames Obama for his current deportation woes and won’t be able to cast his vote for the president next month.