Obama Voters Want 24/7 Christmas

Obama Voters Want 24/7 Christmas

The dazzling, urbanite Barack Obama experiment is back in the saddle for four more. Four more what?

Four more years of the dismantling of America. Faith in my country is at an all-time low because I see Obama’s re-election as a harbinger of doom for our once-great Republic. As pundits on the Right were piecing through the post-election autopsy, all the gracious kudos and brave, determined resets in all the comments just left me further depressed. Because the true, monumentally depressing import of all this is inescapable.

It’s not about jobs. It’s about free stuff.
Rush Limbaugh was right. We elected Santa Claus.

The intellectual acuity … the backbone fiber … the moral underpinnings of more than half the voting populace has degraded to the point that we would trash the country by letting Obama have another four years to “fundamentally transform” our country into a welfare state.

Imagine for a moment, the sort of somnambulism necessary to ignore the reality of the last four years to do this, to go into the booth and hit the button for Obama. You’d have to ignore the poor economy, the high-unemployment, the sky-rocketing debt, the abominable deficit, and the deplorable scandals and cover-ups of Fast & Furious and, more recently, Benghazi.

Eyes wide shut, you vote for Obama. Because he’ll give you Free Stuff. Free health care, free “income supplement,” free food, half-price rent, free money, free everything! Who is going to vote against that? Certainly not the New American Freeloader. 

Yeah, I’m dispirited – but I’m not wearing sack-cloth and ashes — I’ll bounce back. What hurts me most is talking to my daughter about America. Because, now rather than speaking in the present, when I speak of America, it’s as an allegory … almost a fairy tale remembered of a sweeter time … when America bloomed and flourished.  How do I explain to my daughter about the virtues of hard work and concentrated application? Of delayed gratification? Of socking money away and saving for the future? Are these values, these time-honored values that any thinking individual knows are the underpinnings of a stable economy… are they now relics of the past?

What would President John F. Kennedy think of the new twist to his words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what’s in it for you and when do I get my check?” 

Our current state is a cautionary tale … but a cautionary tale … to whom? We were the last stop before tyranny. So who will hear the clarion call now? Ah… but ‘Screw it!’ you say. At least we’ll all get our free stuff. 
Yep. “Single-payer” will devolve into “One-Stop Shopper” … with all of us standing in line waiting to get our government sustenance. Because when businesses go bankrupt and have to close their doors, the only place to go will be … the government. Until, of course, the money runs out. Then it gets dicey.
I’ve never been to Greece. And it looks like I don’t have to … Greece is coming here.