Wall Street Journal Calls 'Red Dawn' Remake Xenophobic

Wall Street Journal Calls 'Red Dawn' Remake Xenophobic

Mainstream film critics have trashed “Red Dawn” for daring to show patriotic Americans battling against a foreign invader. That’s a no-no in politically correct circles.

Now, The Wall Street Journal joins the fray, attacking the remake of the 1984 cult classic as xenophobic.

There are fun, escapist moments in “Red Dawn” for those able to suspend their disbelief at its ludicrous setup, traverse around its gaping plot holes and swallow its manipulative, horse-pill jingoism….

No, the bemusing thing is that this simple solution the producers arrived at is one that plays readily into classical stereotypes: Those that depict Asia as a Mordor-like alien netherland where every hand wields a weapon and every weapon points at the throat of the civilized West — and those that treat Asians as an interchangeable, all-same mass. Can’t offend these Asians? Well, let’s just say they’re those Asians instead. A little cosmetic adjustment to flags and uniforms, and we’re off to the races….

But if this isn’t our America, and if enemy could be anybody — and given that the film’s appeal is inextricably rooted in us-versus-them jingoism — why bow to the darkest fringe-element xenophobes and conspiracists by making them Asian? Why even make them human?

Author Tao Jones goes on to suggest the film would have been better had the invading armada been … wait for it … aliens. It’s the ultimate P.C. solution, no?


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