'Amazing Race' Contestant praises Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh

'Amazing Race' Contestant praises Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh

It’s rare to hear a positive word about either President Ronald Reagan or radio talker Rush Limbaugh on a major broadcast network.

On the latest edition of CBS’s The Amazing Race, viewers were treated to a toast to those two conservative icons. The April 21 episode had contestants answer a series of questions in order to learn their next destination.

The first question was, “Which U.S. President said, ‘Tear down this wall?'”

First place contestant Max initially answered, “John F. Kennedy.” After the computer informed him he was wrong, he then correctly stated Reagan.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Max said to an interviewer, “because Ronald Reagan is my favorite president. I’m definitely the cigar-chomping, Republican conservative. Rush would be really upset with me for missing that.”