'Borat' Star Leaves Freddie Mercury Biopic, Film Career Uncertain

'Borat' Star Leaves Freddie Mercury Biopic, Film Career Uncertain

Sacha Baron Cohen stood astride the comedy world following the 2006 comedy Borat–dressed in a neon green bathing suit, of course.

The gonzo comedy catapulted the talented Brit to stardom. Today, after news broke that Cohen has pulled out of a planned Freddie Mercury biopic, his film career is anything but white hot.

Blame those “creative differences” for the actor leaving the biopic, a project that could have brought him serious Oscar consideration. Instead, Cohen emerges as a mercurial talent who can’t be counted on to carry a comedy project.

Cohen’s surprising career downturn began with 2009’s Bruno, a forced follow-up to Borat which lacked that film’s organic sense of chaos. Far worse was last year’s dud The Dictator, a more traditional comedy that delivered few laughs while stuffing lazy liberal talking points into the final act.

In between, Cohen delivered a perfunctory comic turn in Les Miserables and a more layered outing in Hugo.

His talent remains impressive, and one senses his willingness to push comic boundaries in a way lesser comedians couldn’t handle. He may need another Borat-sized hit to introduce himself anew to audiences in the “U.S. and A.”