Citizens United Plans New Hillary Film Focusing on Sec of State Tenure

Citizens United Plans New Hillary Film Focusing on Sec of State Tenure

This week saw the end of two movie projects about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but now a new film has emerged that won’t make Clinton or her boosters happy.

Citizens United, the conservative group which successfully fought a historic legal battle to release the critical documentary Hillary: The Movie in 2008, is back with a new film focusing on Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

The film will be released prior to the 2016 presidential election–Clinton is presumed to be the Democratic frontrunner although she has not officially announced her plans for a second White House bid.

David Bossie, the president and chairman of Citizens United, says his group’s second Hillary film has an advantage this time around.

This is why I went to the Supreme Court,” Bossie tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Now that I won that case, I can do whatever I want with this new movie. I can advertise it on radio and TV, show it on TV whenever I want to — all the things they stopped us from doing with Hillary: The Movie.

Bossie says he wishes the other Hillary projects–at NBC and CNN–had gone into production along with his project. He relished the competition as well as the inevitable comparisons.

NBC was casting Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton. Come on. They were doing everything in their power to make Hillary look good, which is their right,” he said. “But ours will not be a puff piece designed to promote a Hillary Clinton presidency.


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