Robert Redford: DC Gridlock Due to GOP Racism

Robert Redford: DC Gridlock Due to GOP Racism

Barack Obama burst onto the national stage promising to be a different kind of politician, one who could work with Republicans and bring a bipartisan spirit back to D.C.

Nothing in Obama’s resume backed up such lofty talk, and in five years we’ve seen just how divisive Obama can be as Commander in Chief.

To hard-left celebrities like Robert Redford, though, the current anger in Washington isn’t Obama’s fault. It’s those racist Republicans who deserve the blame for government gridlock.

Redford shared his shopworn liberal meme with CNN this week, part of his publicity outreach for his new film All Is Lost.

I don’t envy [Obama’s] position. I think he is a good man. I think he is an intelligent man, a compassionate man who can’t function in that environment. That environment — it is so decrepit. It is so paralyzed. And the worst of it is that it is paralyzed by intention. There’s a body of congressional people that want to paralyze the system. I think that what’s underneath it, unfortunately, is there is probably some racism involved, which is really awful.”

“I don’t know whether it’s an elephant,” Redford said. “It’s some kind of animal. Whatever it is, I think it’s in the room. But there are other issues there. It’s not just racism, I think. It’s a group of people that are afraid of change. And they’re so narrow-minded that some people, when you see change coming, get so threatened by change, they get angry and they get terrorized then they get vicious.

By vicious, perhaps Redford means GOP types are using violent terms like “hostage,” “ransom” and the like, or een comparing Democrats to wife abusers during the current shutdown debates.

Oh, wait, that’s the verbiage of the left, which Redford doesn’t appear to mind. He’d rather peddle racial theories than hold his own party accountable.


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