Palin on New Sportsman Channel Show: 'We're Gonna Bust This Network Out'

Palin on New Sportsman Channel Show: 'We're Gonna Bust This Network Out'

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin addressed a crowd of journalists in Pasadena, CA on Friday morning at an event to promote her new Sportsman Channel show, Amazing America, which will launch in April. The channel, billing itself as “a leader in outdoor television for the American sportsman,” reaches 32 million households in the United States and presents “100 percent hunting, shooting and fishing” in its lineup.

Palin, who last made a splash on cable television with TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska in late 2010, enjoys a devoted following, not just among conservatives but also among outdoor enthusiasts. She and her family regularly indulge in the familiar Alaska pastimes of hunting and sport fishing–plus subsistence fishing in the Alaska Native village of her husband Todd, who is also a past winner of the Iron Dog snowmachine race.

Promising to “bust this network out,” Palin pledged that her show would be “fun,” and that her critics would “have a ball” watching it. “I love critics, and you know how much I love the media,” she told the journalists, to good-natured laughter. She invited them to come to Alaska and see how Alaskans live the American dream of “productivity and conservation….That is our lifestyle. It’s what we do. It’s what made us–good, bad, and ugly.”

Continuing with that theme, Palin outlined a conservative environmental ethic, telling her audience that “what built America was “utilization and responsible development of our natural resources.” Promoting that theme, she said, would be a central focus of Amazing America. Women, too, would be a target of the show, and Palin said she hoped to inspire young women to be “out in the great outdoors, learning how to hunt and fish.”


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