Media Love for Lena Dunham, 'Girls' Can't Stop Ratings Drop

Media Love for Lena Dunham, 'Girls' Can't Stop Ratings Drop

Media outlets keep heaping praise upon Lena Dunham and her signature series, HBO’s Girls.

All that free publicity isn’t being seen in the ratings.

The show’s third season began earlier this month with 1.1 million viewers, weak numbers but better than the results for the channel’s new gay drama Looking. That series bowed over the weekend to 338,000 viewers.

The latest Girls episode drew 799,000, roughly a day after Dunham’s photoshopping controversy exploded across media platforms. The kerfuffle stemmed from Dunham’s Vogue cover shoot and the accompanying article which declared her the new queen of comedy.

This queen has very few subjects, apparently.

The web site rushed to Dunham’s side regarding the photoshopping matter, saying those who attacked Dunham for not criticizing her digital nips and tucks were “shaming” her. The stance ignores one of Dunham’s alleged reasons for appearing nude on her HBO show–to show what “real” girls look like rather than supermodel-style images. It’s a blow against a culture which produces content, like glossy magazines, giving women an impossible beauty standard to emulate.

We likely haven’t see the last media piece praising Dunham’s show or her Vogue photo shoot. Yet interest appears to be waning for the press’ self-created It Girl.


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