Ratings Crash for HBO’s Hard Knocks

The NFL has not yet played a game, but if the first episode of the fan’s first look at the league this season in any indication, fans are not anxiously anticipating its return.

Hard Knocks

Lena Dunham: ‘Give Reparations Widely. Defund the Police. Rinse & Repeat’

Lena Dunham has apologized for the white privilege that has enabled her to achieve Hollywood success at a young age, saying that from now on, she promises to “sit down” and “shut up, unless it’s to advocate for change for Black people.” The Girls star also pushed slavery reparations and defunding the police.

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‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon: Trump Is the Equivalent of 1940s Fascism

Hollywood producer David Simon has called President Donald Trump a “racist moron,” a “race-hating fraud,” and a “permanent stain on our land.” Now that he has a new TV project to promote, the producer is looking for new insults to fling and has landed on a highly original one: Trump is the modern-day equivalent of fascism from the 1940s.

FILE - In this July 30, 2015 file photo, producer David Simon appears during the "Show Me a Hero" panel at the HBO 2015 Summer TCA Tour in Beverly Hills, Calif. Simon and Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity are tossing vulgarities at each other on social media. Simon, who …

HBO, David Simon Series Equates ‘America First’ with Jew Hatred

A new HBO limited series from producer David Simon is taking aiming at President Donald Trump and his supporters by not-so-subtly equating “America first” with Jew hatred. The project marks the latest anti-Trump provocation from uber-producer Simon, who has repeatedly insulted the president on social media and has even wished death to a Trump supporter.