Watch: Scarlett Johansson's Banned Super Bowl Ad

Watch: Scarlett Johansson's Banned Super Bowl Ad

Scarlett Johansson knows a thing or two about viral videos.

The Avengers star is the focus of a new SodaStream commercial set to air this weekend during the Super Bowl telecast. The spot for the soda alternative hardly seems like something people will eagerly share via social media, so Johansson tries to gin up its viral chances by ending the commercial with a sultry flourish.

That could do the trick.

The bigger picture, beyond a beautiful starlet’s attributes, is that Johansson went through with the commercial despite pressure from those opposed to the current Israeli policies in the Middle East. The company is based partly in Israel. Johansson shrugged off the boycott talk and shot the video all the same.

Too bad the star’s kiss off line, “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi” won’t be heard this Sunday. Fox reportedly refused to air the spot unless SodaStream cut that line. Coke and Pepsi, longtime Super Bowl sponsors, will be represented once more on Sunday’s telecast. SodaStream said it will begrudgingly cut the line in question to guarantee its airing.


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