'Unprecedented': Oscars Disqualify Best Song Nomination for Indie Christian Film

'Unprecedented': Oscars Disqualify Best Song Nomination for Indie Christian Film

The Oscars’ most dramatic David vs. Goliath contest just ended unceremoniously.

Alone Yet Not Alone, an indie Christian film without a fraction of the name recognition or budget of other 2013 contenders, earned a surprise Academy Award nomination earlier this month for Best Original Song.

Now, the Academy has disqualified the film’s title song on a technicality, a move The Hollywood Reporter dubbed “unprecedented.”

The best original song Oscar nominee “Alone Yet Not Alone,” a little-heard tune from a little-seen film of the same name, will not appear on Oscar ballots when the final round of voting begins on Feb. 14. That’s because an Academy committee, which met on Jan. 28, concluded that its Oscar campaign violated Academy rules. It remains to be seen if the sixth-highest vote getter among the 75 songs that were shortlisted for one of the five nomination slots will be elevated to the status of a nominee.

The Academy released a statement on the matter, saying “the decision was prompted by the discovery that [songwriter Bruce] Broughton, a former Governor and current Music Branch executive committee member, had emailed members of the branch to make them aware of his submission during the nominations voting period.”

The film, starring Kelly Greyson, follows the true story of the Leininger family, German immigrants who settled in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. Two family members are taken by Allegheny warriors, and they rely on their faith to keep their rescue hopes alive.