'Boondock Saints 3' Script Tweet Teases More P.C. Bashing, Religious-Themed Vengeance

'Boondock Saints 3' Script Tweet Teases More P.C. Bashing, Religious-Themed Vengeance

Writer/director Troy Duffy used his twitter account to tweet out what was presumably the first page of the long-awaited third chapter in The Boondock Saints film saga.

The page revealed a lot about the sequel, further pleasing fans’ demands for more of the franchise.

The Boondock Saints movies are about Catholic vigilante brothers who take the word of God to heart and begin handing out their own violent form of justice to protect the rights of those living their lives working hard and not harming others.

What’s interesting about the franchise is its success despite little to no support from the Hollywood machine, and the franchise’s blatant right wing overtones that appeal to its audience of young and old alike.

The films take a hard, Dirty Harry-esque stand on criminals and victims’ rights, as the brothers consider death to be a punishment for any individual harming another. The franchise is also one hundred percent politically incorrect. (There’s no way a Hollywood studio would let some of the films’ dialogue pass, despite how real it is.) The films also contain uncompromising religious overtones.

Although the first film was blacklisted by Hollywood and theaters, it went on to gross over $50 million on home video. (Some report $100 million). The cult sensation that the franchise has become further proves the change Hollywood refuses to accept. Their left-leaning films and big business ideas that don’t consider the customer are dying. Crowd funding proves it, streaming proves it, and The Boondock Saints proves it. Neither of the first flicks was made by major Hollywood studios, and neither received wide theatrical releases or won praise from critics. Despite these facts, fans ignored the system and turned the films into a successful franchise.

The Boondock Saints movies give people what they want: real dialogue and characters, fantastic and righteous justice-themed violence, political incorrectness, right of center politics, and themes and relating to religion. Hollywood can avoid it all they want. Doesn’t matter. People will make successful what they want. Today that is truer than ever.

And as for the script page tweeted, check it out for yourself. There are enough nuggets in the one page to give endless potential to the third installment in the vigilante franchise.


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