'Tosh.0' Returns, Outrageous Shtick Intact

'Tosh.0' Returns, Outrageous Shtick Intact

The first new episode of Tosh.0’s sixth season found the comic appearing in a sketch where he watches his son disappear off the edge of a cliff to his doom.

Yes, the Comedy Central show featuring outrageous web clips isn’t your average program.

For starters, host Daniel Tosh traffics in the kind of racial humor that even Chris Rock might not attempt, witness the recurring “Is It Racist” segment as well as other jokes that mine laughs from stereotypes.

Tosh also buries PC niceties, sometimes bludgeoning the joke in the process. It’s his style, and he isn’t apologizing for it. He did say he was sorry for a rape joke he uttered during a stand-up appearance, but his signature show has been adept at avoiding boycotts and other 21st century outrage mechanics.

Tosh is a social media wonder, pushing his work out via Twitter and the show’s Comedy Central blog. What he doesn’t do, apparently, is allow himself to be interviewed. A good faith search of “Daniel Tosh interview” on Google reveals only a smattering of Q&As he’s done over the years. Compare that to all the interviews other comedians do to promote their appearances, and it’s clear he’s wary of the press or the process itself.

Tosh.0 airs at 10 p.m. EST Tuesday nights on Comedy Central.