George Lopez Slams 'Ignorant' America for Targeting Latinos with Immigration Laws

George Lopez Slams 'Ignorant' America for Targeting Latinos with Immigration Laws

Comedian George Lopez accused America of being “ignorant” for targeting Latinos with immigration laws.

On a Monday appearance on Ora TV’s Larry King Now program, Lopez said that “diversity” and the “use of different languages” are “embraced” in “Europe and around the world” and implied they were not in America. 

“It’s a little ignorant of this country to target a group of people,” he said, before adding that “immigration reform has to be changed, but I don’t think Latinos are hurting this country. I think they are helping this country.”

King said America was a country of immigrants without saying it was also a nation of laws, and then he falsely stated that immigrants are only doing the jobs that Americans will not do. Lopez, star of the new FX series Saint George, replied that if an illegal immigrants took a job from an American it probably means “your job sucks,” while both hosts giggled.

This is not the first time Lopez has opined on immigration issues. He has said that Arizona’s S.B. 1070 law promoted “racial profiling” and joked that he and boxer Oscar de la Hoya could not ride in a car together in Arizona.

Lopez has also attacked plenty of conservatives. He called Sarah Palin “la cabrona,” which is Spanish for “a bitch.”He even said that the best deportation policy for the country would be to elect Palin president, saying in an appearance on The View in 2010, “This is the answer to immigration, I’m going to tell you right now. This is how to get every Latino to go back to where they came from: Elect her President in 2012. … We will leave voluntarily. We’ll leave. We’ll go voluntarily and take Canadians with us.”

He also said he would also flee to Canada if Palin were ever elected president. Lopez used to host Lopez Tonight on TBS before it was widely panned and cancelled in 2011. Even the left-wing Gawker slammed Lopez’s show for being “usually an unwatchable mess thanks to its extremely unfunny host.”