'Spider-Man' Stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Yuk It up for Earth Hour

'Spider-Man' Stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Yuk It up for Earth Hour

Hollywood routinely treats environmental matters with doom and gloom proclamations, consider alarmist movies The Day After Tomorrow and An Inconvenient Truth.

This weekend, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone of the Spider-Man franchise yukked it up while trumpeting the glory of Earth Hour.

The on and off screen couple could not hide their love for each other as they launched Earth Hour in Singapore….

While Earth Hour has the serious message of highlighting climate change concerns and our over dependency of fossil fueled power, it is meant to be a fun way to draw attention to these issues so Emma and Andrew really got into the spirit. The pair could not stop laughing as they hit the stage for the official kick off and were not afraid to hide their affection for one another.

A press release for the event said the film’s stars are hoping to “promote environmental activities related to saving electricity, reduction in use of plastic, using less paper and tissue, planting more trees and using public transportation throughout the year.”

It’s unclear if Garfield and Stone took public transportation to attend the Earth Hour event.