Nirvana Bassist Bashes Do Nothing Occupy Wall Street

Nirvana Bassist Bashes Do Nothing Occupy Wall Street

Listen to rocker Krist Novoselic speak about the late, not so great Occupy Wall Street movement, and one gets the sense he had a soft spot for those unwashed radicals.

To a point.

Novoselic, the former bassist for Nirvana, has little sympathy for the group beyond that. After all, what did OWS actually accomplish?

Novoselic discussed OWS, politics and more with The Daily Beast, and the bassist says he prefers politics with an emphasis on getting things done.

Novoselic’s desire for change did not make him an Occupy Wall Street sympathizer, he said. “It wasn’t compelling for me. I’m busy doing real political work, and I just don’t have time to sit under a leaky tarp in downtown Portland. I’m doing things.”

Novoselic expressed frustration that Occupy did not use their manpower to help political candidates that shared the movement’s beliefs.

“They could’ve occupied Congress!