Shazbot! Robin Williams' 'Crazy Ones' Gets the Ax

Shazbot! Robin Williams' 'Crazy Ones' Gets the Ax

Robin Williams should look on the bright side–now he’ll have plenty of time to squeeze back into his Mrs. Doubtfire apron.

Williams, who became a star thanks to his sitcom smash Mork & Mindy, failed to snare a second season for his big return to television.

The Crazy Ones got the ax this weekend, joining a multitude of shows which learned their fate over the past 48 hours. Williams admitted he returned to television, in part, for monetary reasons. He no longer draws a sizable crowd at the box office, and his debts began to mount.

The Crazy Ones debuted to modest ratings, but the series never caught fire and viewership slowly but surely slumped.

The comedian thrived on the film scene for years with hits like Good Morning, Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire and Aladdin. A series of commercial disappointments, including Man of the Year, RV and Death to Smoochy hurt his Hollywood clout.

More recently, his stand-up act took a liberal path, including some obligatory hits against Sarah Palin.

Star power simply doesn’t matter as much as it once did on the small screen. Williams couldn’t deliver a second season for his new show, nor could Michael J. Fox. The Family Ties mainstay’s eponymous series also got canceled this weekend.