Mormon Cancer Survivors Win 'Amazing Race'

Mormon Cancer Survivors Win 'Amazing Race'

The CBS reality competition The Amazing Race is known for both human interest stories as well as athletic feats.

The show’s latest winners, Mormon participants Dave and Connor O’Leary, epitomized both in ways that will be hard to top in future installments. The father-son team are both cancer survivors, and they had to leave the show last year when Dave’s Achilles tendon gave out. When they received an invite to appear on an “All Stars” edition of the show, they made that invitation count.

It almost didn’t happen given their respective health histories.

Three years ago, Connor was undergoing chemotherapy,” Dave O’Leary said, “and shortly thereafter had blood clots and was in intensive care for seven days. We thought he’d lose his life. And to be able to be here with him now …”

The O’Learys had less race experience than any of the other 10 teams in this all-star edition of the race after being forced to drop out early in the fifth leg of their first go-round.

The teammates won $1 million for their hard work.