Exclusive Clip from Pro-Military 'Lone Survivor' Blu-Ray

Exclusive Clip from Pro-Military 'Lone Survivor' Blu-Ray

Peter Berg had just taken a critical and commercial whupping for Battleship, the big-budget dud based on the board game, when he moved on to his next project.

Lone Survivor represented Hollywood’s first Afghanistan war movie centered on courageous U.S. soldiers, and the director had no intention of wasting the opportunity.

Lone Survivor, starring Mark Wahlberg as Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, is now available on home video. The film didn’t get much awards love last year, but it remains one of 2013’s most potent movie-going experiences. The gritty cast helped make that possible, but Berg deserves plenty of credit. Simply told, the true story–and its unabashed heroism–spoke to him.

“Without overstating it, this book, Marcus’s narrative, changed me forever,” Berg said.

Berg had to go oversees to finance the film, but the finished product earned more than $125 million at the domestic box office.

Below is an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray release where Berg recalls meeting the family of one of the SEALs featured in the film. The power of Berg’s recollection reflects the honor he brought to Lone Survivor.