Coca-Cola Under Fire for ‘Sexist’ Milk Ads Featuring Pin-Up Girls

Coca-Cola Under Fire for ‘Sexist’ Milk Ads Featuring Pin-Up Girls

Coca-Cola and Fairlife teamed up for an ultra-filtered premium milk product, but their new advertisements won’t see the light of day after Twitter users deemed them “sexist.”

The ads in question feature pin-up girls, baring it all, with milk dripping off of their naked bodies. 

In the images, some of the models are riding scooters and mopeds, while one is even standing on a scale, which did not go over so well.

“Ass up on a scale: @CocaCola knows how women like to drink milk,” Brooklyn Middleton said.

“In case you missed: ads for Coke’s new milk brand show nude women, covered in milk, being weighed. #everydaysexism,” said Dan Barker. 

“Anyone else disgusted by Coca-colas new milk ad campaign w naked women on scales??” asked Abbey Sharp.

“Sexist much? I’m throwing this new @CocaCola milk ad under the proverbial bus at 7:55,” said Kristine Zell.

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Following the backlash, Fairlife announced on their website that the marketing technique was only a test, and they will use a different approach as they gear up for the national launch of their product in 2015.

Fairlife sets the record straight:

In June, we concluded two test markets in Denver and Minneapolis. The test markets allowed fairlife to learn what was working and what we needed to improve for the upcoming national launch. 

So you’ll see all new packaging and new advertising once we launch. The “pin-ups” advertising may have been eye-catching, but we’re taking a totally new approach… that campaign was retired in June and we’re super excited about what’s to come…

The fancy milk product has 50 percent more natural protein, 30 percent more calcium, and 50 percent less sugar than your average milk. Sounds harmless.


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