Ashton Kutcher to Testify Against Serial Killer Accused of Murdering Former Girlfriend

Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP
Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP

Ashton Kutcher is set to take the witness stand soon to testify against a man who is accused of brutally murdering his then-girlfriend, 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin, more than a decade ago in Los Angeles, California.

Michael Thomas Gargiulo, now 37, allegedly murdered multiple women from 1993 to 2005, including the Two and a Half Men star’s former significant other, in Feb of 2001.

Now, in order to establish a proper timeline for Ellerin’s case, Kutcher’s testimony will be crucial for prosecutors to prove the time of death as they make their case, reports the Daily Mail.

On the evening of Feb. 21, 2001, Ellerin reportedly called Kutcher to ask if she could watch the Grammy Awards with him and a group of friends. The star declined her request, and instead insisted he would visit her at her apartment later that night.

Kutcher told police that he attempted to contact Ellerin by phone twice during the evening but was unable to reach her. He then drove to her apartment at approximately 10:45 pm, hoping to smooth over what he thought was an argument, and found the lights inside the apartment on with her car parked outside.

He reportedly knocked on her door and called out to her, but received no answer. He says he looked through a window and into the apartment, where he saw what he thought was a pool of red wine on the floor.

Kutcher then left the scene, assuming Ellerin was upset at him for not seeing her. Unknown to the star was that the young woman was lying dead just beyond his line of sight. What he thought was red wine was actually blood, according to investigators.

Her roommate, a man named Justin Peterson, found her body later that night.

New court documents released by Radar Online now reveal Ashley Ellerin was attacked while she was showering and stabbed 47 times.

Attorneys for the prosecution describe Garigulo as “a serial, psycho-sexual thrill killer who engages in the systematic slaughter of beautiful women because he takes sexual pleasure from manipulating, stabbing and killing his victims.”


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