LISTEN: Jesse Jackson’s Teen Daughter Drops Rap Single


Rev. Jesse Jackson’s daughter, Ashley, might only be 16, but her hair, makeup and accessories are on point, according to her newly recorded rap single, which has been obtained by TMZ.

The entertainment news and gossip site reports the teen has launched a rap career, which Jackson doesn’t necessarily approve of, as he thinks it might take her down a wrong path.

Jackson has reportedly expressed concerns his teen daughter should be focused on completing high school.

Her single “Fleek Master” was released this week:

The lyrics go a little something like this:

“Now whatchu know about me designer head to feet I slay… whatchu know about me cashin’ out these cribs, put my name on the deeds?

…all gold Cartier on my wrists and you don’t really know about me… keep a stack of one hunnids hunnids pockets never really on E…

My hair on fleek, makeup on fleek…”

According to Urban Dictionary, on fleek means, “the quality of being perfect, or on point.”

Rev. Jackson fathered Ashley in 1998, during a four-year extramarital affair with former aide Karin Stanford.

Stanford sued Jackson for child support in 2001.


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