Rev. Jesse Jackson

Highway Rally

Anti-Gun Protesters Shut Down Major Chicago Highway

Thousands of anti-gun protesters shut down lanes of a major Chicago highway to pressure lawmakers to enact gun control measures to address the increase in violent deaths in the city.

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Police Heads Roll as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Tries to Hold Power After Cover-Up Accusations

In a late-night Sunday media dump, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office announced that Scott Ando, chief administrator of the Independent Police Review Authority, has resigned, effective immediately, and will be replaced by Sharon Fairly, who had spent eight years as an assistant U.S. attorney before becoming first deputy and general counsel of the city’s Office of the Inspector General.

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Report: Jesse Jackson ‘Delighted’ at Confederate Flags Being Taken Down

NBC News correspondent Sarah Dallof reported on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” on Saturday that Rev. Jesse Jackson is “surprised” and “delighted” by the defacement of monuments and removal of the Confederate flag by activists in Columbia, SC. Harris-Perry then responded to the