Teen Pop Star Releases Video for Song about Masturbation


This song brings a whole new meaning to “touchy-feely.”

Actress-turned-pop singer Hailee Steinfeld has released the video for her new single, called “Love Myself,” in which the 18-year-old makes it completely clear her personal needs can be satisfied by her, and her only.

In the four-minute spot, Steinfeld can be seen sporting a black onesie with the words “self service” displayed boldly across her chest as she sings about masturbation.

“I’m gonna touch the pain away…Scream my own name,” she sings.

Steinfeld started her career in entertainment as a child film actor, earning an Academy Award nomination for her supporting role in 2010s True Grit, and crossed over into the music industry this past year.

“It is ultimately about taking care of and indulging yourself. Though it’s nice to have someone provide for you, whether that be emotionally, or physically, or with material things. This song really represents the power in providing for yourself,” Steinfeld told Ryan Seacrest of the song’s meaning in August.

Watch the video below: