Report: Whoopi Goldberg Refers to Herself as a ‘Slave’ and ‘N***er’ to Protest ‘View’ Producers

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Frustrated with being asked to go above and beyond her contractual obligations by showing up 30 minutes early for work, View co-host Whoopi Goldberg reportedly spent last week speaking in a slave dialect to protest her bosses at ABC.

A person close to the show’s production told The Daily Mail Tuesday Goldberg got fed up last week with how her new bosses had cut her out of the decision-making process for the popular “Hot Topics” segment, by moving daily meetings from 9am ET to 8:30am.

The new meeting time, among other changes, set off the 59-year-old, who demonstrated her indignation by portraying herself as a slave to the network.

“She was out of control,” an unnamed person working on The View told The Daily Mail. “She paraded up and down the halls saying, ‘I’s a work for ABC who is my master. I’s a slave to ABC. It’s 12 Years a Whoopi at ABC.’”

Goldberg reportedly added: “I’s just a n—ger following orders around here, master!”

Producers begged her to stop, but she reportedly persisted.

Whoopi is not contractually obligated to show up until 9am, and she reminded others working on the show, “you won’t see me a minute earlier.”

Goldberg is said to be involved in an ongoing dispute with The View’s new consulting producer, Candi Carter.

The Daily Mail’s source added of the drama, “Whoopi is at the point where she couldn’t care less and keeps reminding everyone that if they don’t like her style, then pay her the rest of her money and send her home.”

ABC is considering letting Goldberg go after the holidays, according to rumors.


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