Amy Schumer’s SNL Skit Mocks Women, Families Who Use Guns for Self-Defense

Saturday Night Live/YouTube
Saturday Night Live/YouTube

On October 10, comedian Amy Schumer appeared in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit to mock women and families who use guns for sport and self-defense.

The skit opened with seemingly random scenes of a couple sitting down for a romantic dinner at a restaurant, a grandfather and grandson, a woman jogging by herself in a park, a man leaning over his desk in frustration, a boy trying to work up the courage to talk to a girl at a party, and a husband climbing into a taxi to take his pregnant wife to the hospital. In the background, the narrator says, “Whatever you’re waiting for, whatever you face, whatever you’re looking for, there are things we all share.”

The man at the restaurant then hands the woman a boxed gift, and the narrator says, “Love.” Then, the skit cuts to a grandfather going to get something for his grandson, and the narrator says, “Family.” And on and on it went with each scenario until the camera comes back to the couple in the romantic restaurant, where the woman—Amy Schumer—has opened the gift box to reveal a pistol, and the narrator says, “Guns.”

Schumer holds what appears to be a Glock 19 up in the air, then throws her arms around her man and says, “Baby, I love it!”

One by one, the other individuals who had been introduced appear—the black grandfather hands the grandson a revolver, the woman jogging in the park pulls up snub-nosed revolver and jogs with a smile, the pregnant woman bends over and lifts a deer rifle out of the taxi when she gets to the hospital, and the boy who could not find any common ground for approaching the girl is shown lying on his back—side by side with her—shooting into the air with a pair of revolvers.

Moreover, after the pregnant woman gives birth, the skit shows the father giving the newborn a two-shot derringer as a gift.

The thrust of the skit was clear—to mock women who buy guns for self-defense, to mock families that pass the importance of guns on from one generation to the next, and especially to mock those who understand the metaphysical ties between guns and America’s founding. The skit lumped all these various categories of people together and painted them as those who derive meaning in life by being armed.

It is ironic to note that Schumer frequently kept her finger on the trigger of the Glock during the skit, the grandfather kept his finger on the trigger as he handed the revolver to his grandson, the female jogger kept her finger on the trigger as she jogged with a revolver in hand, and the pregnant wife kept her finger on the trigger of the deer rifle as she was wheeled through the hospital in a wheelchair.

Schumer’s cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has been relentlessly pushing gun control since the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary but to no avail. Perhaps this skit was also a way to get back at those armed women, families, and college students who want to preserve their right to self-defense rather than sacrifice it on the altar of political correctness.

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