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Chaos Faction Held Back as Day-One DLC for ‘Total War: Warhammer’

Creative Assembly/Sega
Creative Assembly/Sega

Sega has made their offering to the dark god Tzeentch — God of Scheming, Manipulation, and pre-order incentives — on the altar of Creative Assembly’s new interpretation of the Warhammer franchise. Their goal? To hold back the forces of Chaos with a barrier made entirely of cash.

Construction of the unholy Wall of Pay is to commence immediately. The Chaos Warriors have been officially confirmed as a playable faction in the upcoming grand strategy title, but only for those who make proper offering.

You’ll be able to access the faction in Total War: Warhammer‘s ‘Grand Campaign’ only through the purchase of DLC available on launch day. The only way to gain absolution from this rite is to pre-order the game — to the surprise of absolutely no one at all, ever.

This isn’t the first time that major game elements have been excluded from launch, or even the first time that core faction content has been restricted from a Total War game. Total War: Rome II did the same thing with the Greek states, charging $5.99 if you hadn’t reserved the title in advance.

Total War: Warhammer is rumored to be the first in a trilogy of titles from Creative Assembly. Alongside the DLC announcement, Sega has set the release for April 28th, 2016.

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